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ShelteR Invest VDK Sustainable Flex is a sub-fund that aims to provide a positive return versus its benchmark over a 5 year period whilst maintaining a level of volatility that is below the benchmark volatility level.

The sub-fund will invest in a portfolio of global listed stocks, selected from a sustainable and ethical investment universe, based on a multi-factor selection process combined with a variable market exposure hedged through derivative instruments. To achieve the investment objective and without seeking any overexposure through long/short positions, stocks that could outperform the markets are directly bought and derivatives on one or more equity indices (EUR hedged) are directly sold such as return results directly from the difference between the stocks’ performance and the equity indices (EUR hedged) performance.



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Fund - Benchmark

Annualized Performance

2Y 3Y 5Y 10Y Since
ShelteR Invest - VDK Sustainable Flex x% x% x% x% x%
Benchmark x% x% x% x% x%

Cumulative Performance

YTD 1M 3M 6M 1Y
ShelteR Invest - VDK Sustainable Flex x% x% x% x% x%
Benchmark x% x% x% x% x%

Annualized Volatility

1M 3M YTD 1Y 3Y
ShelteR Invest - VDK Sustainable Flex x% x% x% x% x%
Benchmark x% x% x% x% x%
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The sub-fund is live under the SICAV ShelteR Invest since 28/12/2016. Past performance is not a reliable indication of future returns. The figures relate to the retail share class. Source: ShelteR Investment Management, data from 28/12/2016.
Volatility is the degree of variation of the NAV of the sub-fund over time as measured by the standard deviation of logarithmic returns. It refers to the amount of uncertainty or risk about the size of changes in the NAV.

Key Information

ISIN Share Class R A


ISIN Share Class R B


Bloomberg ticker



70% MSCI World Index + 30% EONIA Index





Recommended horizon

Minimum 5 years


No maturity date

Minimum subscription

Share Class I: 500.000 EUR
Share Class R: 1.000 EUR

Exit tax

1.32% (max 4.000 EUR)

Withholding tax on dividends

Not applicable for this dividend policy

Type of fund


Fund legal type

SICAV governed by Luxembourg law


Belgium, Luxembourg

Dealing frequency


Cut off time

D-1, 12.00

Launch date Share Class R A


Launch date Share Class R B


Settlement deadline




Dividend policy


Issue price

100 EUR

Key Documents

Product Sheet Class R A PDF
KIID Share Class R A PDF
KIID Share Class R B PDF
Factsheet Class R A PDF
Prospectus PDF


Management fees

Share Class I: 0.60% p.a.
Share Class R: 1.15% p.a.

Performance fees


Entry fees

Maximum 5.00%

Ongoing charges

Maximum 1.50% p.a.

Strategy Allocation

Top Constituents

Name ISIN Weight
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The stocks in the portfolio may not be available in Belgium, please verify with your investment advisor.

Important notices

Prior to an investment, prospective investors should carefully read the latest Key Investor Information Document (KIID) as well as the offering documentation, including but not limited to the sub-fund’s prospectus which contains inter alia a comprehensive disclosure of applicable risks. These documents can be obtained free of charge on this website or upon request to the Management Company.

TIS : out of scope

The net asset values are available every business day on our website and on

For any claim please contact the ShelteR-IM claim service via or the external mediation service via +3227025220 or

The performance information on this web page refers to past performance. Past performance is not a reliable indication of future returns.

The data shown on his page is not real-time, i.e. it may be delayed due to mandatory requirements of the data provider. As a consequence, the price of the product linked to a specific underlying you are quoted by your broker or intermediary may substantially differ from the price of the product that you would expect on the basic of the date deployed on this site. ShelteR-IM accepts no responsibility for loss, however caused resulting from errors in this data.

Swing pricing is applicable and aims to protect existing investors from the performance dilution effects they may suffer as a result of transactions by other investors in the fund.

Risk Scale

Lower risk Higher risk
  • Typically lower
  • Typically higher
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

Risks incurred

Counterparty Risk

The insolvency of any institutions acting as counterparty to derivatives or other instruments, may expose the sub-fund to financial loss.

Operational Risk

The insolvency of any institutions providing services such as safekeeping of assets may expose the sub-fund to financial loss.

Currency Risk

The sub-fund invests in other currencies. Changes in exchange rates will therefore affect the value of the investment.

For more information on risks, please see the sub-fund’s prospectus.