ShelteR: your partner for stability

ShelteR is a Luxembourg-based investment management company regulated by the CSSF and is owned by Rego Partners, a Belgian company active in the financial sector.

ShelteR’s approach is based on client-focused investing where risk reduction and stability are key considerations. ShelteR is convinced that risk reduction and stability are key factors for long-term portfolio performance. Where most managers aim for the highest returns, ShelteR focuses on stability and aims for a better trade-off between risk and return. At the forefront is risk analysis based on proprietary technology and risk forecasting techniques. ShelteR’s expert team combine a systematic investment approach with active market monitoring and qualitative research to aim to optimize portfolios.

Clients should consider ShelteR Investment Management for several reasons: aim for enhanced stability, a sustainable operational platform, knowledge and experience of the team, the commitment to delivering a sustainable service.

Expertise from a Belgian financial experts

Rego Partners is a Leuven-based investment boutique and consulting firm founded by Benedict Peeters and Christophe Pecoraro, who are also the co-founders of Finvex Group, a reputable financial expert in offering advanced index solutions. Rego Partners offers consulting services for institutional investors such as investment managers, financial advisers, pension funds, insurers and so on. They target to create tailor-made portfolios with enhanced stability by using advanced in-house techniques. Rego Partners has also significant expertise in dynamic asset allocation. They provide their clients with services including active portfolio management strategies where both strategic and tactical asset allocation methods based on multiple factors are used to target more stability, this all in a risk controlled framework. Rego works through its dedicated and experienced team of financial investment experts with academic, investment banking and asset management backgrounds.

Please visit their website for more information: www.rego-partners.com